Friday, November 20, 2009

We are home:)

Vince got discharged yesterday afternoon. We came home to a sick Sebastian, who caught RSV from his brother and added a side of double ear infection. Eddie stayed hom an extra day to help with our two patients!!! Thanks for everyone's prayers- we KNOW the WORK!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update on Vince

As many of you know, Vince was admitted to the emergency room via ambulance on Monday, after he was seen by his pediatrician. He had battled RCV all weekend and when his breathing became labored it was time to take him in, he also started running a high fever (for an infant 100.3). After spending 6 or so hours in the ER, he was transferred on a stretcher by Ambulance to Richmonds VCU Medical, a PICU team made the trek up from Richmond to monitor him during the trip down, Mammi got to ride by his side while Daddy drove the herlander close behind. Vince is still in the Progrossive Pediatric Unit at VCU, but it looks good that he may be discharged tomorrow. He is completely off the oxygen as of this morning and is nursing well. He had a rough night and cried for about 3hrs straight and nothing would sooth him. Thanks for all of the many prayers, it is much appreciated and we know that God has answered them. God Bless, update to follow - The Todd's.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Haircut

The ratty mess

say cheese

getting ready

a family affair

okay here we go!

yummy lollipop


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catch Up- Belly Pics

Picture Catch Up- The Pumpkin Patch

After getting the green light from the Doctor- no more bed rest, baby can come out, we decided to got to the pumpkin patch at night. The night was warm, the patch was not crowded, and we had a blast!
Sebi's love- TRACTORS!!!

Posing with daddy

Choosing a pumpkin

Sebi and our picks

Vince and his pumpkin;)

hayride back

john deer trics

Brotherly Love

Sebastian has now started putting 2 words together... and his subject matter is baby; "hold baby" and "kiss baby" are the phrase du jour.

Halloween 2009

There was no tricks or treats for us because of weather (as soon as we finished taking pics the rain started falling) and keeping away from those who had been sick but we dressed the boys up and took some pics...