Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look and See

Who is on modified bedrest? Preggo hormones got in the way of keeping a straight face... It felt like Eddie was taking forever to take the picture. As soon as the flash wqent off I bursted out laughing so hard that I cried!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Belly Diary; 2nd edition, 34 weeks

34 weeks with Vince

34 weeks with Sebastian... the last belly pic I have since he came a week later!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Laptop Down!

Laptop has malfunctioned and am not able to access any files- i.e. pictures:( Hopefully we will get this resolved quickly. Till then there will be no updates with pictures:(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sebastian and Pop-pop

Here are the pictures of when Sebastian said o-ee-ler...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

32 week 3D sono

Last week we had an appointment with the perinatologist... they took a very good look at Mr. Vince and we had the opportunity for a look in 3D. Well Vince was not in the mood for the paparazzi, he had a hand, an arm, and a foot all in the area around his head. This is the best we could do, from the nose (Eddie's nose) down.

New Word

He goes big with his vocabulary... no easy words here.
0-ee-ler= four wheeler.
Found this out yesterday evening when he wanted to go for a ride at his aunt Sherri and uncle Jeff's house. Pop-pop obliged and took him for a ride. Pictures to follow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sebastian and Noah

Then.... (Sept 08)

... and now (Sept 09)

what a difference a year makes

Super Sebastian

He arrives on the scene

Smiles at mami

Sees the plate and napkin and jumps into action

Takes it to the sink

Makes sure that it is in there

My work here is done!

Walking with Dinosaurs

The BBC show made into arena spectacular was in town this past week and we wanted to go and see. We bought our tickets and prayed that Sebastian would enjoy the show and not be scared. Well, let me tell you- he had a great time!! He was mesmerized by the dinosaurs and the lights! He was not scared at all- through thunderstorms and even T-Rex's roar- he just soaked it all in!!! If this show comes to your town go and see it!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

32 weeks

Here we are with Vince

And here we are with Sebastian

Sebastian wanted to jump in and take a picture with Mami:) I of course obliged!

Ready for a Ride

Over the weekend we pulled out from storage some baby items- one of them being the car seat. With that in hand we just had to try out the double stroller. Sebastian was excited to go for a ride around the house, which we circled for about 10 minutes!

Chaplin helps Dada grill

Eddie loves to grill... He grills all year long! In the past couple of months Sebastian has learned a step that helps Dada get the grill ready- sifting the grill to clean out the bottom of the grill. Last week in the process of doing his part Sebastian transformed into Charlie Chaplin:

Sebi Chaplin

Playing with Dada

Napoleon watches from his runner

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


While Eddie mows the lawn- this is what Sebastian does... Come the weekend, he can not take his eyes off his Dada!!

Train up a Child in the way he should go...

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with his Pal Mickey:)

Modified Bedrest with an 18 month old...

As of last Thursday, I have been placed on modified bed rest (MBR) till we hit 36 weeks. Why? Well, cause my cervix is very, very, very soft. The doctor thinks this is why Sebastian came early... So, whenever I can I am to put my feet up. House work is on the limited side, no heavy lifting (which I laugh at- have you lifted me son?). Murphy's law- when not on MBR- if giving a moment to rest I would take it gladly. Now I feel like whenever I have a break I have to get things done, and feel a little guilty if I follow doctor's orders. Which will win out MBR or Nesting? On some days nesting wins... today MBR did. Besides that, Vince looks good- bigger than average, but not huge:) PRAISE GOD!!! We are very excited on his impeding arrival!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OBX 2009

We had a great time while at the beach:) The only day of bad weather was Sunday- so we took that opportunity to take Sebastian to the Aquarium... his first time. The rest of the week was spent on the beach chasing tweet-tweet's, picking shells, and playing in the sand. Here is a picture highlight of our trip:)
Playing peek-a-boo on the ride down

1st walk on the beach to see Bill's effects on the waves

Playing with the camera

oops- a little out of order, Sunday afternoon once the weather cleared we headed to the beach

Carm-Cam at the Aquarium

Daddy and Sebi looking at the Sharks

Getting to touch a Stingray

Look at how long the nose is on that fish!

I like the water, Daddy!!!


Model Baby

Chasing tweet-tweet's... he loves tweet-twet's

Sebastian LOVED the pier- he would run to it every chance he got!

Daddy and Sebi relaxing

Napping Beach Baby

Surf's up! Saddly I did not get too many pics of Eddie surfing cause I was on Sebi Patrol!


Tag you're it, Turner!

after the tweet-tweet's again:)

Daddy and Sebastian

Family time is sooo great!!!

Making sand castles- protected by dinosaurs!!!

Daddy, I want to surf too!!!!

Teaching Camden to surf. He did GREAT!!! I did not get a pic but he was standing at the end of the lesson!!

Gotta make sure this hat matches!!! Sebastian spent alot of time infront of the mirror- laughing, dancing, making faces, ect...

First driving video game

Pirate Sebastian

Last night at the beach, a family moonlight walk...