Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here comes my Son!

I have not really blogged about the difficulties that had fallen over me because I did not want to keep confessing it, but the last 2 months have been really hard. Starting with the RSV/hospitalization of Vince followed by a bad case of colic, it all equaled to one 24 hours a day fussy baby. I had my eyes set on the 2 month mark (I had been told that that is when colic resolves itself). When then the two month mark came and went and there was no sign of things getting better I was afraid. When we started getting nearer the three month mark I started contemplating a Dr's appointment. I was at the end of my rope and did not know how much more of this I could take (not that there was any option really). Then we hit three months, and over the last week and a half the son/sun has broken the clouds and it shines so bright!!! Now Vince is a super smiley guy. He still prefers to be held, what baby doesn't? But he wakes with a smile, loves to talk and kick his legs and punch his arms. Like any baby he still has his moments, but I feel like there has been a night and day difference is his personality:) He is bonding with Eddie and each day is better and better:)
These pictures from the the past week:
Vince with his Pluto- 3months (I am fired with this series b/c I did not take a NB pic of him and his Pluto! Sorry Vince)
What used to be a constant screaming match is now full of smiles! (changing diapers and getting dressed)
Get ready ladies... he is!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleep Talking is Genetic!

Today while he was napping he said "tractor. dirty tractor!" Enough said.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vote on your favorite!

Planning on entering Sebastian in Lives Beautiful baby search. Deadline is Jan 29. These are the best I have so far (pic has to be taken within the last month) which of the following is your fave?

Mini Photo shoot

Stephanie and I are known to set up a "studio" and take pics of bellies and babies... We tried to set up in a different house and I forgot the light we usually use... so the shoot got caught short. We could not get the right light... The model was cooperating and all! Oh well we will try again!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


There are some of you out there that do not appreciated to beauty and wonder of white fluffy stuff. As for us, we LOVE it!!!!


Sebastian at 6 months

Vince at 2 1/2 months. The towel has seen better days.


For Eddie's bday celebration we went to the American Indoor Karting. First thing I learned Indoor does NOT mean weather controlled!!! It was down right chilly in there!!! Second, when you go on your first ride around the track, to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with it, they are not allowed to mix new riders with seasoned ones... if they do and you have a spanish fury with lots of charm ;) in your group you get a do over!!!

Todd, Chas, Eddie, Luis, and Roberto

Chas and Sebastian watching the final race

Johnathan, Santiago, and Guita cheering

the drivers in the first race with seasoned drivers

the do-over when they got the track to themselves

Happy Birthday Eddie!

To the best husband, father, and friend!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Or as we would call it vacuum. Sebastian is obsessed with it! No matter the shape, size, or style he loves them all! He has his own toy Dyson. He HAS to help when we vacuum- and when I mean help he has to vacuum by himself with the real thing! The other day he finally discovered our little Dirt Devil and let me just tell you that when the batteries run out it is the end of the world- he does not comprehend "recharging" or that "it needs to go night-night". Preface: Sebastian is a sleep talker. Last night in his sleep he called out for the cacuum on several occasions. This picture was taken in August... how much my baby has grown!!!!

Hold Baby

A more tender, loving, sweeter child there could not be!!! Sebastian LOVE'S his brother. I am blessed!!!
Sebastian, 22 months; Vince 2 months.
Sebastian, 20 months; Vince 2 weeks.

Brownie Wars

Father and Son

Vince knows what he likes, and for a while it was Mami's arms. Period. End of story. The culprit- colic. Poor Eddie works all day and would come home when the colic was at it's worst and Vince would only want Mami. As the colic has lessened he has been more willing to venture into the arms of others, especially Daddy:) Here we have a a great pic of the two finally bonding:)

New Year's Eve

With a small child that is not able to be separated from the boobie bar, we had a small and "quiet" celebration at our house. 4 friends came over and we rocked out to Rock Band. Sebastian had a blast playing the drums and singing... He finally crashed around 12:30am! The name of our band was Caucazion Wood.
Chowing down some good grub... even some vegetarian dish... wish was delish!

Vince has grown sooo much!!!

Wendy helps Sebastian help Vince open his present from Tia Fuf

Now Sebastian and Tia Fuf rip into Sebastian's gift

Rock Band ensues

C-bass and Chris

Mami and Sebi... the tambourine solo

True 80's rock stars!

Deep Thoughts with Vince Todd

Here is a conversation with Vince

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lord of the Dance

Thanks to a dear friend, I have worked out my glitch and blogspot and YouTube are friends again:)

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up, loaded up on some coffee, got breakfast rolling and opened presents... the norm. That evening we celebrated baby Jesus' birthday at Sulli Station with the rest of the Todd clan. Great food and even better company:) Our White Elephant game changed this year- in the past we brought something from home that we are not using... this year we all came with a $25 gift card to a variety of stores. I like the gift cards but was upset about the breaking of the "tradition we had put to play 5 yrs ago. Bill's item in the gift game was this ridiculously big bra- I got it. The next year my mom got it, then it went back to Bill. Well last year I got it and I was waiting all year to put it back in the pile. Well with this new game it would not happen, or so I thought. My sister in law Chelsea said forget it, wrap your gift card in the bra! And so I did!!! It was great cause no one was expecting it!!

you make breakfast, I'll scratch your back
now I have my tools I will fix things for you!
our happy little family
the Todd siblings:)
Mom-mom and Pop-pop with all their grand-babies
Mom-mom and Vince
the distribution
they love each other so much:)
Macie's original gift card
Sebi found Macies new doll and wanted to hold baby
do you not see the look of joy all over Sarah's face to be the proud new owner of the bra?!?!