Monday, January 4, 2010


Back in Dec. Tia Fuf came into town for a visit. The boys and I headed up to the hood to visit with our extended family and make cookies:) Sebastian had a blast- and we had to keep a major eye on him cause he just wanted to eat all the dough!! The most fun was had when decorating the cookies, more sprinkles made it on the counter and the floor than the cookies!! This was also the first time Vince met his Mama and Papa Dillard.

taste inspection

showing off their creation

Mama Dillard and Vince in what is known as the sleeping chair!

Sebastian helps Papa Dillard string the lights

uh- don't know how this one got out of order!!!

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  1. So fun!! I know this sounds so cheesy, but isn't it awesome having kids? I just love being able to do all of the fun things I did in childhood with my kids. They are just a blast to have around. I love looking at your pics. :-)