Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Knock at My Window

And who could it be? My sweet boy, bringing flowers to me!

VTV- Vince Television

A little long and background noise a little loud (daddy and Sebastian were watching AMA race) but so worth it, in my humble opinion!

Watching You

"I’ve been watching you, dad ain’t that cool?
I’m your buckaroo, I wanna be like you."

Two Peas in a Pod

Sorry Kid!

A week ago our family acquired a new vehicle. When we went to purchase we talked to Sebastian about how Mami was getting a new car, he was very excited. Now daily I hear "New Mami, new car!" Sorry, same mami, but she does have a new car!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 6 Months Vince!!!

Here is some info on my charming 6 month old. He loves to smile/laugh. He shares his sunshine with the world:) For 90% of the day he is happy go lucky and smiley... the other 10%? Well he goes to the other end of the spectrum! He can sit up on his own and hold it for awhile. He is a master raspberry blower and can almost fit his entire fist in his mouth! He loves to snuggle and slobber on your shoulder. His favorite activity is his excersaucer. Happy 6 months sweet boy- we love you!

Tractor Fun

Uncle Chas hooked Sebastian up with a tour of some of the equipment he rents. He was in heaven!!! Thanks uncle Chas!



Has come out of the closet. Vince enjoys his time hanging out... He has not gone crazy jumping yet, but it should not be long now!


Last Thursday we went to check out Maymont Park in Richmond. It is a privately non-profit estate turned into park that has trails, petting zoo, gardens, wild life exhibits, ect... The weather was PERFECT!!! This was also the maiden voyage of our new double stroller that I LOVE!!!!! This stroller makes me so happy in so many ways:) That is what my life has come to!!!
Stylin' and Profilin' in the shade:)

Vietnamese Potbelly Pig- if you knew me way back when you remember my love for these "little" guys... has passed on to the next generation!

Feeding goats- Sebastian did it once- did not like the goat "kisses". Gabrielle on the other hand could not get enough!

Sebastian the Gentleman giving buttercups to Gabrielle


The stunning Japanese garden- did not make it to the Italian one on this trip....

Picnic time and a happy boy

"Baby Alex what are you doing?"

Alex is moving all over the place:)

Hm... this was fun, I could do this again:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gabrielle Friend

This is what Sebastian said to me when he woke up the other day:) My sweet boy!! Here are some pics from our play dates.

Vince and Alex also have a lot of fun:)

Should we go into the mud?


Cool Dude!!

Picking flowers

a week later this was our activity.... CRAZY weather!!!

Road Trip Pics

Call it laziness... but the pics are in backwards order and I neither have the time or patience to correct this error, so please bare with me:)

We had a great time on our trip. Started on Thursday after lunch- we drove to Papa and Mimi's house in NC. On Friday we continued on to Zabala Central- otherwise known as Atlanta. Saturday was filled with egg hunting, celebrating Abuela's 83rd bday, and lots of family fun:) Sunday we headed back to NC where we rested the day on Monday before returning to a very lonely Daddy!!

Sebastian and Vince did GRRRRREAT!!!! Had a fantastic time with all the family and are happy to home again:)

Sunday Papa treated Sebastian to a "tractor" ride

The birthday girls our Grandmothers:) (the one on the peach sweater was the "nanny" that helped raise the 7 siblings that comprise of the parents of the crew, and when she finished there she moved on to our generation, and has now moved on to the third!!! So she is our other Grandma- her bday was at the end of March)

blowing out the candles

picture op

egg hunt

Vince's first... come to think of it Sebastian's too!

tia simone and vince
primos the 1st edition
tacha and vince

primos the 2nd edittion

Abuela and my boys

Vicenta meets Vincent!!