Monday, April 19, 2010


Last Thursday we went to check out Maymont Park in Richmond. It is a privately non-profit estate turned into park that has trails, petting zoo, gardens, wild life exhibits, ect... The weather was PERFECT!!! This was also the maiden voyage of our new double stroller that I LOVE!!!!! This stroller makes me so happy in so many ways:) That is what my life has come to!!!
Stylin' and Profilin' in the shade:)

Vietnamese Potbelly Pig- if you knew me way back when you remember my love for these "little" guys... has passed on to the next generation!

Feeding goats- Sebastian did it once- did not like the goat "kisses". Gabrielle on the other hand could not get enough!

Sebastian the Gentleman giving buttercups to Gabrielle


The stunning Japanese garden- did not make it to the Italian one on this trip....

Picnic time and a happy boy

"Baby Alex what are you doing?"

Alex is moving all over the place:)

Hm... this was fun, I could do this again:)

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