Monday, February 22, 2010

4month stat's and First feeding!!!!

On Friday he had his 4 month check up: 19.06 lbs and 26'' long!!! We got the green light to start with solids. He had his first feeding on Saturday and is doing well with it:)
See here is the cereal

are you sure about that mami?

um, okay. if you say so!

from a different view

not too bad

fat and happy:)

thanks mami!
happy guy!

Sebastian's Perfect Day

We woke up early and went over to Aunt Kimmey's and Uncle Bill for a tractor ride and got the surprise of a haircut... Aunt Kimmey wanted him to look good for his "date". After all the activities and early rise he took a monster nap followed by some snuggles, books, and tractors:) The perfect day for my sweet boy!

Cruisin' with his girl:)

"So where do you want to go?"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Birthday Party

On Saturday we gathered the troops and celebrated Sebastian's birthday with family and friends:) This also coincided with my dad's birthday... we were able to give him the best present I could think of- blowing out candles with his grandson. We also got to catch up with friends that we have not seen in the past year or have had limited time with them. It was a great time!!!
My sweet boy... the hand he is holding belongs to his Macie:)

He spots Goofey

The cake- no I was not able to make one of my creations... they require time, which I am in short supply of as of late!

3 lovely ladies!

The first of the 2 monster naps Vince, allowing Mami to host the party!

Let's play stick the tail on the donkey... yes in the uber safety world we live in it is now stickers that the kids place on the donkey!
Chowing down on tacos- yes, again, Sebastian loves taco meet, though that night he did no want any! Go figure!

Pinata time- once again the uber safety patrol... in the "American" stores you can not find traditional pinatas, Oh no the kid MIGHT whack someone on the head!!!! I wanted a Mickey pinata so we had the pull string style which ended up being great seeing as it was dark and the outside under a good 8-10 inches of snow (the other 6-8 inches have melted)

Getting ready
grab your strings, but do not pull!!!!

shaking out the candy, Sebastian still does not understand...

Cake time:)

The two birthday boys blow out the candles!

Birthday Celebration #1

The night of his actual birthday we celebrated at Mom-mom and Pop-pop's with Tacos and cake! He got a special treat from Pop-pop... the prized possession car that you see on the tray!!

Getting ready to blow out candles!

Pop-pop the jokester smashed his face into the cake... Sebi took it with stride!

Pop-pop lost it and was crying he was laughing so hard!

the "smash"

Exersaucer 101

Course description: How to get into your exersaucer, operation of all it's gadgets, and use of the turn around seat.
Professor: Sebastian, the multi-tasking exersaucer king.
Prerequisite: be able to sit in seat and not cry.
Class time: everyday.
Here is Professor Todd showing what can be accomplished

Lesson 1: the book of animals.

Since Vince got an A+ from the professor, he got some free time in the exersaucer!

such a BIG boy

the "xylophone " I would have to say is his favorite.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Sebastian!!!

To our sweet boy!!! Another year has come and gone and you have filled it with love, laughter, kisses, hugs, and so much joy! We can't believe how you have grown... you were such a little guy- I called you my little nugget:

A year later you were our chunky monkey:

Now, our lean, not mean, laughing machine!!

My sweet blue eyed boy we wish you many, many, many more days filled with awe and wonderment. We love who you are.
You are an amazing son,

adoring brother,

and overall cool kid!

We look forward to all the amazing things you will learn and do this year! Thank you for sharing your smiles, love, and life with us!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Digging out

We usually do not have much digging to do since we do not have a paved driveway. Eddie just drives the truck back and forth the smash/smooth the designated area. But this past snow was super heavy and their was fear of the weight on the roof, so Eddie climbed up and shoveled out some sections to help out our old roof.

Blizzard 2010-scenery

My poor magnolia

playing with color swap

the lilac bush