Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Have you heard of the TV station RFD TV? I hadn't until early January when we happened to stumble across a train documentary that intrigued Vince. I quickly made a DVR file to record all shows of that series to have on hand for my choo-choo loving boy.  Since then I have learned this is a weekly program. Straight up train documentaries of steamies and diesels at work and the track lines.  For the full hour Vince is glued to the TV.

Our "Snow" Day

This is the most snow we have seen this so called winter :( We had to make do... It was falling at a nice clip, so let's go catch them in our mouths... we get outside and it slowed down. That did not deter Sebastian...

 He caught one in his eye.

He then "caught" one in his fingers

Then the paced picked up again. I LOVE his expression. You maybe asking at this point, where is Vince? He was napping.

funny daddy....

Sebastian get's into the fight 

Napoleon enjoys eating this delicacy 

Vince wakes up and joins in the fun!!!!! 

checking out where the fort will go:)

Carm-Cam action

The next morning we skipped breakfast and headed straight out cause temps were going to climb up to 50's and we had to play before it melted away!

Vince had to show Sebastian how to sled

He then got in the action

Then Daddy

We hope to see more/better snow before winter says goodbye, but we are not holding our breaths.

Leap Day Fun

Mad Scientist in the house!
Vinegar and baking soda explosions with a touch of color for some pizzazz.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We all arrived on Friday night to surprise my dad for the weekend. The next day we had the task of getting him out of the house so that Mariyink could set up for the surprise party.  So we packed the kids and headed the kids museum of Winston-Salem.
playing in the forest!
 hanging in the alphabet world
 Papa and the grandkids
then a quick visit to the very first Krispy Kreme 
 Blue Steel

 The surprise costume party
father and daughter 
 Dad with his parents and one sister
 the fake Spider-man posing with his cake
 with my Abuela
 another pintrest inspiration- 60 memories/letter for 60 years. It brought him to tears...
 ... and busting out laughing!
sister's rivalry. who bought it first? 

Another Pintrest Creation- Jet Packs

The boys loved them! They ran around and around!!! Great hit!

Sebastian's Never Ending Celebration

It was a three day affair in our house because of school and traveling to NC to see my dad.  This post will show the first 2 days.
Quality control for the bday school cupcakes. Smiles means good!
 After school we went to our dear friend's home where Sebastian was thrown a surprise Cars 2 party!
 All the mama's
 The ladies
 the trouble twins!
 the birthday boy!
 2 buck teeth!
Birthday Taco Dinner with the VA grandparents 
 the acutla morning of his birthday "spider-man" left a web on his door frame. Sebastian informed that it was not spider-man because there was tape, so it was me!
 the cake that was traveling to NC
 opening his present from mami and daddy
After breakfast we got into packing mode and a couple hours later left for NC to share the weekend festivities with my dad- who turned 60 that Monday