Thursday, February 9, 2012

4 Years of Sebastian!

To our little warrior- Happy 4th Birthday! You have had a big year!!! This year started the start of your scholastic career. You are loving pre-school and your teachers Ms. Karen and Ms. Michelle.  Your favorite school friends are Your best friend Ryan and your silly friend Connell. You are also a really big boy who has a chores chart and you help clean and carry wood and love to run really. really, really fast!
 Hard to imagine that such a little guy would grow to such a big guy in a short four years!
 Your heart is as big as the sky. Always wanting to help and share!
 You still enjoy your "boys only outings". You and daddy have just added another member to this very exclusive group

Always a smile and a cheer on your face.

The loving older brother! Vince looks up to you and is showing the signs of wanting to be just like you!

We love watching your blooming friendships.  

Your love for learning and having experiments.

We love you so much and are so proud to your parents!!!! Enjoy all the amazing new adventures you'll have in this 4th year of life!

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