Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rock Stars

Thanks to Nana Collins for the cool effects!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Girl

As parents of 2 toddlers this was a very special treat! Date night to the theatre to watch my favorite musical- Wicked! This was Eddie's first time seeing it... my second. The "Elphaba" was amazing. Here we are on the terrace:)

The one pic I got before they reprimanded me while we waited for the show to start...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Off Season

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen. The season is over! I am done! in 8 months I have traveled by road to Atlanta 3 times, Lancaster 1, OBX 1, Winston-Salem 1, Plymouth 1. It was a great season but I am going into hiatus. Thanks for a great season to all we got to share time with!!!


The mind of a 3 year old. The weekend I was in Pennsylvania, Sebastian asked his dad what "this" was placing his finger on his chest.
Eddie replied "your chest, son".
"No daddy, this." Pointing harder to his nipple. There was no avoiding it.
"Your Nipple." Thinking this was the end.
"Why do we have them?" Good question. Why do guys have them? I understand the purpose of women, but why men?
"Because God made us that way. We would look a little silly without them."

Fast Forward to today a whole 2 weeks later. We are sitting at the kitchen table. Out of the blue Sebastian turns to me and asks
"Mami, do you have nipples too?"
"Yes son, I do."
He goes on to playing with his cars.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On the Road. Again.

I seriously do NOT have a love affair with the road. I just love seeing new places and spending time with those I love. So after my weekend trip up north to PA the boys and I are getting ready to head south for some fun with the Zabala side of the family. We will miss daddy tons, but are thankful for a daddy who does such a great job providing not only our necessities, but our desires:) a slew of pics to follow- I am sure!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen Facelift

I forgot to take a picture of the "before". Let's be honest, the decision to do this weekend project was so quick that we were knee deep into our work when I remembered that I had a camera! For a long time we have been dreaming as to what we could do to make our kitchen more user friendly. When the opportunity to have a kid free full day and temps in the 100's our weekend warrior project took a different turn! I am a very happy wife!!!!

Extra space and beautiful cabinets, how I love thee!

Cowboy Vince