Friday, July 29, 2011

Sebastian "Reads"

Vinces Words

A boy of little words he is slowly building his vocabulary. This is what I can account to at this date and time.
Ma (mami)
Da or Dy (daddy) he uses one or the other but not together.
Ca (car)
Ju (juice)
Ta (thanks) says it diligently after he receives his Ju.
Ba-ye (bye) yes he says it in 2 syllables.
No, no explination needed, this is a recent addition to his list and a current favorite of his.
Choo (train) when he sees one, wants one, or just feels like saying it. His other favorite.
Go to let's go or ready, set, go!
Eeeahh! (yeehaw)
Cheee (cheese) whenever he sees a camera.

Favorites of Sebastian

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorites of Vince

I have my laptop back!! I am so behind on posting stuff that the easiest way is to give you a link to the album posted on FB. As previously mentioned, the boys and I traveled to Plymouth in June. Here are the pics from our Massachusetts adventure.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Are Alive!

We have been traveling, hosting family, and without computer for the month of June, Currently I have a temporary PC which means pictures are still in a delay. But just to give a rundown...
June 7- 17 we (the babies and I) traveled to Plymouth, MA with a pit-stop in PA to break up the trip. We had a great time exploring and having great quality time with our MMA's!
Father's Day Weekend was spent unpacking and settling back into the house while Eddie and Sebastian went to Budd's Creek Motocross races (Sebastian's 1st).
June 24-26 we took a quick little trip to VA Beach for some fun in the sun and to listen to some amazing cover bands and a laser show:)
June 29-Present have us spending great family time:) Rafa, Chelsea, and kids are here for a week. We have taken family portraits, had a splash day fun day, played in the James river, grilled out (more than once), and looking forward to more grilling, pool time, fireworks, and Cars 2!