Friday, January 27, 2012

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friend

My Littlest Tenor

The Artist Studio

The Cake Bandit Strikes Again

He figured out how to open the latches on the top and could not actually see what he was putting his hands into!  He ate 1/4 of the cake this way!!!

Getting Crafty- Valentine's Day

Putting all my pinning to work. I have now finished my Valentine's Day decoration:)  Paper roses were fun and easy. The Flower ball was made before I found the DIY pin... thanks to all the homecoming floats from high-school. I am super happy with my chimney banner:) Painting our names was harder than I had anticipated!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I grew up hearing my dad tell stories about a boy with a really big head (cabeson) and the mother rubbing said head when she would console him. That's all I remember of these stories.  I fear I may be that mom one day... here is my not quite 4 year old wearing a youth's medium motocross helmet. Eddie says that it was also a little hard to take off his head! Oh my little Cabeson!

The Cake Bandit

Yesterday Sebastian requested a cake. Since we had been sick for Eddie's birthday, we never made him a birthday cake. So we got to baking and sung him Happy Birthday.  Mistakenly, I placed it on the counter with a step stool available.  When Eddie and I walked back in the kitchen we found Vince helping himself to some cake.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The world Upside Down

Vince loves to watch TV whilst doing a headstand.


One morning when he woke in his jammies I greeted him 
"Good morning Spider-man." 
Sebastian replies "Maaami. I'm not the real spider-man. I'm just a fake one."
Shooting his web 


Vince the wanna be nudist.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today we said "see you later" to our Christmas decorations. Sebastian was very eager to help me clean- I know I am blessed! Let's pray an hope that he never looses the desire to help!!!!! I digress. I let him vacuum the living-room after I had taken all the boxes out. After he decided he was done and wanted to watch Max and Ruby on the TV he shouts out:
"You're the best of the best Mami!" 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flashes of Flashes

Felt like reminiscing How much they have grown up! Alex and Vince around 6 months old.
Here they are 2 yrs old!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Spirit of Service

Sebastian has been blessed with a heart of a helper. He is always wanting to help; with the dishes, cooking, firewood, vacuuming, ect.  It melts my heart to watch his desire to help pour out over us and our family.  Last week he spent the afternoon at Mom-mom and Pop-pop's house while I ran some errands. Upon my return I was handed an envelope that Mom-mom had for Sebastian with a quarter for his piggy bank. All afternoon he had been asking Mom-mom "how can I help you" and he did. Mom-mom was so touched with his willingness to help she wanted to bless him with a quarter for his piggy bank- which he was very proud of:)

The Kid's Table

Christmas dinner was held at Kim and Bill's house this year. The boys had a new experience- sitting at the kids table. Sebastian has had this honor, but it was a first for Vince.  I actually got to sit and eat without a kid climbing on me!

Sitting with Santa

On Christmas Eve we had our annual meeting with Santa at Ms. Linda's house. Yes we are very blessed with a pre-flight meeting with the big man! Both boys did really well sitting on his lap. We got our first family picture with Santa... a new family tradition!

Boat Ride