Monday, May 31, 2010

It's the FInal Countdown!

T- minus 4 days and counting till Rafa, Chelsea, Ceci, and Eli arrive!!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

PA Trip Pics

IT was a great weekend to head to the land of the Amish! We started our trip with a bonfire dinner with Ann, who just happened to be in PA too! Saturday we headed to the Kettle Kitchen Rhubarb Festival- All I could hear in my head the entire time I was there was Garrison Keely singing the rhubarb song! On Sunday we got to hang out with Alicia and Jay at Dutch Wonderland. Funny observation- Steph and I had visited the park when she first moved to Lancaster, and laughed at how "cheesy" it was. This time we saw it through the eyes of my two year old and had such a blast!!! Then after thoroughly exhausting my boys we headed back home to watch the series finally of Lost with Sherri and Jeff!!

Belly bar doubles as a chew toy!
1st pony ride
Rhubarb family
meeting rhubarb man
Sebastian's little gingerbread clone
this is the way to roll!
cat napping:)
Dutch Wonderland- riding the train!
Sebastian and Mr. Jay
Who gets designated as he passenger

Getting ready to ride the frog jumper tower shown in video in the previous post

on the ride- check out the smile
Hi choo-choo

going for a ride Amish style
weeee with Tia Fuff and Ms. Alicia
the super fast carousel- pre ride.
Mami working hard to hold both boys while the ride is in motion
boat ride
well done Mr. Jay!

Monday, May 24, 2010

PA Weekend

I have not uploaded all the pictures yet but here are some videos from all the fun we had!!
On Saturday we went to the Rhubarb Festival- YUM!!! Sebastian liked the music:)

On Sunday we went to Dutch Wonderland... Sebastian got to ride a Choo-CHoo Train, the look on his face says it all

Thrill seeker in training- you can not hear him, but he was laughing!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Heart Swells

Words cannot express what I feel when I glimpse moments like these. I tried to catch this without being noticed...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

I meant to take more pics but time just passed right by. We enjoyed the day with family- brunch with Ramon, his family, and Guita. Followed by dinner with the Todd's, Bitto's, and Sullivan's
The pretty roses Ramon, Kyla, and kids got me:)
My Mami and I
Vince in the arms of Aunt Sherri
Mom-mom and Pop-pop
Sebi and his shiner

A Couple of Days in NC

We took a quick trip to NC to meet my new niece, Lily. This is Lily just shy of three weeks oldThis is the first time the She-quoia had a full load:)

Back seat passengers
Vince taking a cat nap in Lily's bassinet
Mimi and boys
Mimi and all the present Grand kids
Mimi and babies
Vince 6.5 months Lily 3 weeks

Sebastian's First Shiner

Three wheeler+ flat tire+ tall grass= black eye
Here we are Saturday evening, a couple of hours after incident
Sunday MorningThursday Evening

Hand Made Easter Baskets

Mama Dillard hooked the boys up with their own mama D hand made Easter basket:) They were ready for Easter, but we were out of town... so we will have to wait till next year to put them to "action". Thanks Mama Dillard!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Artist at Work

Making Mother's Day cards. A very neat painter:)


The shirt says it all!!!
Look into my eyes... what color do YOU think they are?

Music in the Park

During the months of May, June, and September the town holds "Music in the Park". May 4th was the first one and it was the perfect day for it, too!!!! Good music, picnic lunch, and great friends:) Happy!!

Touch a Truck

FIRE ENGINES!!!! Sebastian had a blast. Period. End of story.