Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Independent

Can you see how proud he is of himself!

I was on the phone in the kitchen packing the food items the boys would need for a day at Mom-mom's and Pop-pop's. I saw a streak of a diapered toting child and made the mental note to go and check out what he was up to once I was off the phone. Upon entering his room I found him pulling out a shirt from the dirty clothes to add the the backward pants he was donning (I asked him to put it back and pulled 2 from the closet for him to choose from). Yes this kid does not like to lounge in his jammies. Once he is done eating his breakfast he needs to change clothes ASAP! While I love the signs of more "freedom" this shows, I am also saddened that my baby is growing up so fast! The above picture is the fore mentioned outfit... he did get a little help from mami for the shirt, but I left the pants alone;)

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