Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sebastian's Never Ending Celebration

It was a three day affair in our house because of school and traveling to NC to see my dad.  This post will show the first 2 days.
Quality control for the bday school cupcakes. Smiles means good!
 After school we went to our dear friend's home where Sebastian was thrown a surprise Cars 2 party!
 All the mama's
 The ladies
 the trouble twins!
 the birthday boy!
 2 buck teeth!
Birthday Taco Dinner with the VA grandparents 
 the acutla morning of his birthday "spider-man" left a web on his door frame. Sebastian informed that it was not spider-man because there was tape, so it was me!
 the cake that was traveling to NC
 opening his present from mami and daddy
After breakfast we got into packing mode and a couple hours later left for NC to share the weekend festivities with my dad- who turned 60 that Monday

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