Sunday, February 7, 2010


The past 24 hours have taught me the following:

1. My husband rocks (well I already knew this, it was just reaffirmed). He woke up on Friday and chopped wood to make sure we had a nice supply for the impending storm.

2. Playing in the snow is more fun when you know you have a warm house to go back into!! When the for mentioned warmth is removed the snow does not look as enticing!!

3. Generators ROCK!!!! I am thankful we have one!!! We can not run all the necessities at once but we figured a nice rotation for the evening. (Yes we lost our power for 24 hours)

4. Sebastian LOVES the snow!!! He had a meltdown every time we brought him in.

5. That all I want to do is hibernate when the house is not toasty warm.

6. Taking care of a baby once you loose your "luxuries" is not fun!

How women did this in the "olden" days... my hats off to them!!!

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