Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Birthday Party

On Saturday we gathered the troops and celebrated Sebastian's birthday with family and friends:) This also coincided with my dad's birthday... we were able to give him the best present I could think of- blowing out candles with his grandson. We also got to catch up with friends that we have not seen in the past year or have had limited time with them. It was a great time!!!
My sweet boy... the hand he is holding belongs to his Macie:)

He spots Goofey

The cake- no I was not able to make one of my creations... they require time, which I am in short supply of as of late!

3 lovely ladies!

The first of the 2 monster naps Vince, allowing Mami to host the party!

Let's play stick the tail on the donkey... yes in the uber safety world we live in it is now stickers that the kids place on the donkey!
Chowing down on tacos- yes, again, Sebastian loves taco meet, though that night he did no want any! Go figure!

Pinata time- once again the uber safety patrol... in the "American" stores you can not find traditional pinatas, Oh no the kid MIGHT whack someone on the head!!!! I wanted a Mickey pinata so we had the pull string style which ended up being great seeing as it was dark and the outside under a good 8-10 inches of snow (the other 6-8 inches have melted)

Getting ready
grab your strings, but do not pull!!!!

shaking out the candy, Sebastian still does not understand...

Cake time:)

The two birthday boys blow out the candles!

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  1. Awesome pics, Carmen!! It looks like you guys had a fantastic party. I can't believe you had a Mickey pinata. I think Bennett would have passed out.