Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up, loaded up on some coffee, got breakfast rolling and opened presents... the norm. That evening we celebrated baby Jesus' birthday at Sulli Station with the rest of the Todd clan. Great food and even better company:) Our White Elephant game changed this year- in the past we brought something from home that we are not using... this year we all came with a $25 gift card to a variety of stores. I like the gift cards but was upset about the breaking of the "tradition we had put to play 5 yrs ago. Bill's item in the gift game was this ridiculously big bra- I got it. The next year my mom got it, then it went back to Bill. Well last year I got it and I was waiting all year to put it back in the pile. Well with this new game it would not happen, or so I thought. My sister in law Chelsea said forget it, wrap your gift card in the bra! And so I did!!! It was great cause no one was expecting it!!

you make breakfast, I'll scratch your back
now I have my tools I will fix things for you!
our happy little family
the Todd siblings:)
Mom-mom and Pop-pop with all their grand-babies
Mom-mom and Vince
the distribution
they love each other so much:)
Macie's original gift card
Sebi found Macies new doll and wanted to hold baby
do you not see the look of joy all over Sarah's face to be the proud new owner of the bra?!?!

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