Monday, January 4, 2010

A Costa Rican/Winston Salem Christmas Surpirse!!

Sorry that the pics loaded out of order... Since time is limited I am not going to rearrange them so please forgive me. Here's the story:
Rafa and family had planned to come state side from the beginning of the year. When I found out that I was with child I informed him that I would not be able to travel to Atlanta since the baby would be so young... he did not believe me and hoped that I would make it down to GA. When the time arrived I was not moving and they were anxious to meet Vince, get Sebastian and Eli together, and have some family time. Unbeknownst to me, they planned with the help of my parents and dear husband to surprise me (the girl who spent the first 30 yrs of her life spoiling all surprises on purpose or by accident has been surprised a number of times by her family this year!). Our time together was cut short by the blizzard. They were supposed to arrive on Sat. obviously that did not happen (see Blizzard 09 post) but braved the roads on Sun. I was at home with Eddie, my mom, and boys when Eddie answers a call in front of me (I was not eaves dropping) where he gives directions to pull in backwards that it would be easier to unload?!?! I asked him what that was about and he just smiled and said I would soon find out, but that I would have to go into the bedroom when it arrived. Trying to rack my brain to figure out the mystery I await in the bedroom. When given the green light from Eddie I am directed to close my eyes and walk out (I handed Vince to my mom and she walked me out). This is the second time in my life that I was left speechless!!!! Many thanks to Rafa, Chelsea, and Eli for adding a quick trip to VA into their itinerary and my dad who drove NC to GA to pick them up and then up to VA and back down to GA. We got to enjoy them the rest of Sunday and Monday and then the were out the door bright an early Tuesday... a sad day for me cause I went from having a house full of wonderful craziness to just me and the boys.

Our two princesses: Cecilia and Macie
Papa snuggle time

good morning bedhair

Sebastian and Tio Rafa playing "aguitar"
Their last night....

Papa and his kids

Mama and her kids

B and Tennyson opening presents
Do you have tickets to the gun show?

love, Love, LOVE, this pic... golden light:)

Eddie and Sebastian ready to pull Papa on the sled:)

sleigh ride- Eli was not to syre about this!
Vince enjoys tia Chelsea's arms

Guita and Ceci making empanadas

me, speechless. Obviously not expecting company

Rafa has a talent of looking like an oompaloompa in eye gear:) Love you Brother

So that is Sebastian's snowsuite from last year... a little small but it worked!

snowball fight! Napoleon enjoying the snow i the background

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