Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here comes my Son!

I have not really blogged about the difficulties that had fallen over me because I did not want to keep confessing it, but the last 2 months have been really hard. Starting with the RSV/hospitalization of Vince followed by a bad case of colic, it all equaled to one 24 hours a day fussy baby. I had my eyes set on the 2 month mark (I had been told that that is when colic resolves itself). When then the two month mark came and went and there was no sign of things getting better I was afraid. When we started getting nearer the three month mark I started contemplating a Dr's appointment. I was at the end of my rope and did not know how much more of this I could take (not that there was any option really). Then we hit three months, and over the last week and a half the son/sun has broken the clouds and it shines so bright!!! Now Vince is a super smiley guy. He still prefers to be held, what baby doesn't? But he wakes with a smile, loves to talk and kick his legs and punch his arms. Like any baby he still has his moments, but I feel like there has been a night and day difference is his personality:) He is bonding with Eddie and each day is better and better:)
These pictures from the the past week:
Vince with his Pluto- 3months (I am fired with this series b/c I did not take a NB pic of him and his Pluto! Sorry Vince)
What used to be a constant screaming match is now full of smiles! (changing diapers and getting dressed)
Get ready ladies... he is!

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  1. Oh, Carmen. I had no idea. I am so so sorry. I am so glad that things seem to be better. It really is hard having two so close isn't it? It's wonderful and so rewarding, but hard at the same time. I hope he is past all of that and continues to smile. And I love love love his little onsie. Maybe Benentt will go for younger guys one day! :-)