Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Modified Bedrest with an 18 month old...

As of last Thursday, I have been placed on modified bed rest (MBR) till we hit 36 weeks. Why? Well, cause my cervix is very, very, very soft. The doctor thinks this is why Sebastian came early... So, whenever I can I am to put my feet up. House work is on the limited side, no heavy lifting (which I laugh at- have you lifted me son?). Murphy's law- when not on MBR- if giving a moment to rest I would take it gladly. Now I feel like whenever I have a break I have to get things done, and feel a little guilty if I follow doctor's orders. Which will win out MBR or Nesting? On some days nesting wins... today MBR did. Besides that, Vince looks good- bigger than average, but not huge:) PRAISE GOD!!! We are very excited on his impeding arrival!

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