Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OBX 2009

We had a great time while at the beach:) The only day of bad weather was Sunday- so we took that opportunity to take Sebastian to the Aquarium... his first time. The rest of the week was spent on the beach chasing tweet-tweet's, picking shells, and playing in the sand. Here is a picture highlight of our trip:)
Playing peek-a-boo on the ride down

1st walk on the beach to see Bill's effects on the waves

Playing with the camera

oops- a little out of order, Sunday afternoon once the weather cleared we headed to the beach

Carm-Cam at the Aquarium

Daddy and Sebi looking at the Sharks

Getting to touch a Stingray

Look at how long the nose is on that fish!

I like the water, Daddy!!!


Model Baby

Chasing tweet-tweet's... he loves tweet-twet's

Sebastian LOVED the pier- he would run to it every chance he got!

Daddy and Sebi relaxing

Napping Beach Baby

Surf's up! Saddly I did not get too many pics of Eddie surfing cause I was on Sebi Patrol!


Tag you're it, Turner!

after the tweet-tweet's again:)

Daddy and Sebastian

Family time is sooo great!!!

Making sand castles- protected by dinosaurs!!!

Daddy, I want to surf too!!!!

Teaching Camden to surf. He did GREAT!!! I did not get a pic but he was standing at the end of the lesson!!

Gotta make sure this hat matches!!! Sebastian spent alot of time infront of the mirror- laughing, dancing, making faces, ect...

First driving video game

Pirate Sebastian

Last night at the beach, a family moonlight walk...

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