Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Sweet Boy!!!

I was sitting in the living room when Sebastian pulled a book off of his shelves and came to sit on my lap. He picked out "Waiting for Baby", a picture book of a little family getting ready for baby. Every time I mentioned "baby" Sebastian would bend over and kiss my belly!!!! Melt my heart!!!! I wish I had an extra pair of go-go gadget arms so that I could have videoed the moment!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eddie Update

With Eddie's Blackberry from work I have been able to talk to him daily- which is sooo nice. Temps have been hitting highs of 117!!! I can not imagine!!! He is working hard and trying to stay cool- he did have to spend one night in the apartment with no AC. Thank God that was fixed the next day and he was able to get a better nights sleep!!!!! I will let him post his stories when he returns:)

Thanks for your prayers!!!!

More Chores

The video says it all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eddie is off to Kuwait

With a little over 24 hours notice, Eddie is off to Kuwait for the next 2 weeks. Over the next two weeks there will be not new pictures because he has the camera, but I will be posting videos so that Eddie can see Sebastian.

While in Kuwait, Eddie will be on base working 12 hours day for all 14 days. Please pray for safety, favor, and strength. We appreciate all the love and support that has been poured out over our little family:)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Daddy was mowing the lawn... Sebastian decided that the lawn still needed grooming!

Sebastian's New Toy

This past weekend Sebastian got a special present from Daddy and Mami:) His first fort/ship!!!

Steering the "ship"

Checking out the slide

Ok here we go!

24 weeks

Trucking along... feeling good...
Here we are at 24 weeks with Baby boy #2... no we do not have a name yet:(

Here is 24 weeks (Thanksgiving Day) with Sebastian.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Atlanta Trip

The main focus of the trip was to go and spend time with my grandparents who have been in and out of the hospital this summer. They are both at home but weaker from their battles. We had a good time hanging out with them and other family members. Impressed them all with his dancing skills, I ate cachpas, tequenos, cachitos, and drank fress kolita! Surprisingly I did not take a gazillion pictures, and a whole bunch of them from the party were not taken by me... We did get to visit with some friends and meet their 3 day old daughter, Sophia- congrats John and Joannie!! We had one day with Chelsea and the kids- WAY TOO SHORT- but better than nothing. after 10 days we hit the road back home. Sebastian was a champ 9 hours in the car with only 2 20 minutes stops to let him walk around!!!
dancing to the steel drums with Tio Ayi

Guita and her boys

Sebi on the bike

a series of Sebi and Eli

Chels and Eli

Guita and Ceci

Kyla, Tio Ramon, and Sebi

Playing dominos with Papa

Guita and the Ticos

Carm-Cam action

Guita and Chelsea and Eli

Grandparents with the great-grandkids. Eli and Sebi no cooperating cause it was midnight and they were tiered

Grandparents with the present grandkids and great-grandkids

Grandparents with my Dad's family (they went down the list of siblings and each family took a pic with the grandparents)stupid arm in corner

I get to see daddy!!!

Egg whites, a derriere's best friend!!!!

We are back home after a 10 day trip to Atlanta. It was good and we had fun, but it is always nice to come home:) I will post pics and give more details later about the trip. This posting is to rave about the miracle working powers of the egg white!!!

Sebastian is cutting his molars- with it accompanied a day or two of very acidic runs which burned his poor little derriere. NEVER has he had such a bad cause of diaper rash. The poor boy cried when being changed- a first. The burn arrived on Thursday afternoon, desitin did no work, corn starch helped, but then we "met" the egg white. On Friday morning my aunt Simone said to put an egg white on him/ in his diaper and leave it. I was willing to try anything! After a day and a half of egg whites with diaper changes his derriere had healed!!! All that was left was the remnant of where he had blistered!! Less than a week later and there isn't a sign of what the poor boy had to endure!!!


For your viewing pleasure- a couple of pics of cousines playing:)
Sebastian and Cuco

"Hi Lucas, it is good to see you!"

"Hey play with this"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So what will it be?

Boy, Girl, or Suprise?

Here is Sebatian's vote!