Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camping 101: Shenandoah River State Park

Class Instructor: E. Todd and S. Todd
Course Dates: Oct 17- 19

Course covered basic camping skills; setting up a tent, starting a fire, cooking over an open fire, mountain biking, surviving cold nights, and keeping a baby happy during it all.

Below is the picture journal of the class meeting.

Our tent... was put up with ease:)

Mami and Sebi warming up by the fire

Daddy and Sebi waking up after our first night

Uncle Greg starting a fire

Aunt Andrea playing with Sebi

A little snuggle time:)

Biking on Paw-Paw Trail

Happy Little Family

Sweet little Boy!!

Mami and Sebi

Grobby at work ;)

The Nossaman's

Coffee time!!

Mami's artistic shot

2 peas in a pod

The "Tounge"

Daddy and Sebi hanging out

Sebi ready for a hike

Snuggling with Aunt Andrea

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