Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkeys, Wedding, and Christmas!

Did someone say TURKEY!!!

We had a jammed packed weekend!! On Thursday we spent the afternoon at Guita's house where we not only celebrated Thanksgiving, but Tia Ana's 88th birthday. The family hired a mariachi band to play her "Las Mananitas" a song traditionally sang to the birthday girl on her birthday morning. The band was great! Everyone sang along for the mini concert. At one point Guita, Tia Marie, and Tia Gaby joined the mariachi band to take lead vocals!!!

tryptophan hit early for our little guy:)

Ale, Guita, and Sebi

Ale and Tia Ana

Tia Erin and Sebi

Mami and Sebi listening to the mariachi band

The Mariachi band

Ale, Sebi, and Ruth

After eating we packed up and headed back to the 'Burg to wrap up Thanksgiving with the Todd side of the family. There was football, music, dancing, and foosball:)

On Saturday Sebastian spent the day at Mama and Papa Dillards with his Tia Stephanie while Mami and Daddy went to Tia Helen's and Rob's wedding. It was beautiful:) The ceremony was preformed in a historic little church right beside the National Cathedral. The weather was perfect so they were able to get some great shots outside:) After the ceremony we headed to Fort McNair's Officer's Club for the reception. Right by the water- we could see the Washington Monument! To see these pics we have to wait for Tia Nino to upload and share- we were in charge of the video aspect of the day and do not have pictures to share...

The Happy Couple

The sisters

Eddie and I

Gillo and I

Amanda, Carolina, and Gustavo...

Luis and Carolyn

Roberto and Jackie

On Sunday we had a quite day at home listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and starting to decorate the house:) We are almost done... One thing that I had a blast with over the weekend is pulling out all the Christmas themed clothing for Sebastian to wear... I just LOVE Christmas:)

Sunday- a warm and cozy Reindeer butt

Sunday evening- Buddy the elf helps decorate the house

Monday... Dear Santa shirt:)

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