Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sebastian!!!!!

I can hardly believe that a year has come and gone!!! I had heard that it goes by fast, but little did I really understand how fast fast was. In the past year Sebastian has changed so much.

He went from being so little-

wearing premi and newborn size for the first couple of months, to this off the chart big strong boy who is wearing 18-24 months/ 2T.

Sebastian and bunny at birth

Sebastian and bunny almost 6 months

Sebastian and bunny 1 day before he turns 1!

He lights up any room he enters with his award winning smile.

He loves to play with his Super Star Singing Stage, loving on Napoleon,

driving his walker (especially at his aunt Sherri and uncle Jeff's house), walking while holding on to hands.

He loves books and bathtime:)

In his first year of life he has traveled up and down the east coast from Florida to Pennsylvania. He can say Dada, Mama, and Hi:) Give kisses and loves to play Peek-a-Boo.

He is pulling up on items and can hold his balance for a couple of seconds... walking on his own is just around the corner!!!!
It is such a joy to watch him discover new things- which is happening daily now:) We have loved every second of his first year (well almost I could have done without the 2 trips to the hospital and the nights we had to stay there) and are excited for this new year we have ahead of us:)


  1. Happy Birthday, Sebastian!! I hope your next year is just as wonderful.