Monday, October 5, 2009

Working with a fork

We ran a quick errand this morning. As a special treat Sebastian got to pick out his first plate/fork/spoon combo. As of late he has really enjoyed feeding himself, so Mami decided he was ready for this next step:) He had to choose between a Lightning McQueen set or a Mickey Mouse set (His two favorite things) and the Mami's surprise and joy he chose Mickey:) He ate up his Chicken and grapes with gusto!!!
Okay here we go, stabbing at the food.

Got some chicken :)

In the mouth it goes!!!


  1. Yay, Sebi!! let me know how he does. We are starting that too and I am just not sure at this point. Also, I think I should probably transition her out of the high chair soon, but when? Thoughts?

  2. He is really enjoying using a fork and spoon... He needs help with getting the food on the fork but once there he gets it in his mouth no problem. As for the chair... we still use the highchair at home, I have a portable booster seat for when we visit family/friends for a meal. I think that until Vince needs the highchair we will keep using it, I personally do not see the need to rush it- he is happy in his chair:)