Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where has the month of March gone?

The past two weeks have gone by like a blur!! Eddie is recovering quickly from surgery- PRAISE GOD!!! Sebastian, Vince, and I are enjoying all the time we are getting to spend with Daddy!!! A couple of "milestones" that have occurred during the past 2 weeks:

1) Mami and Daddy went to the movies!!!! We took Vince along with us, but we made it and Vince slept the whole time:)
2) Sebastian has transferred over to his "big" boy bed.
3) Vince was babysat by our dear friend Andrea and then later Guita for a couple of hours while I was at the Hospital with Eddie.

Eddie still has a minimum of 1 week if not 2 weeks left of recovery. We will be very sad the day he returns to work:(

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