Thursday, April 7, 2011

Medical Updates

In order of occurrence My Mom: is well on her road of recovery post stroke. She has moved into her own place and has just started physical, occupational, and memory therapy. We miss her very much- especially Sebastian. Guita does not get any rest when she comes and visit cause Sebastian does not want to let her out of his sight. He protests when she is leaving and asks her to move back in:) My Dad: Responded well to radiation and hormone therapies. He is done with radiation and gets his hormone treatment quarterly via shot. He continues his road to remission in NC. Eddie: Is a week out of surgery. This time around has been harder on him. He is still really sore, stiff, and his throat is still really sore. He is resting and taking it easy watching TV and movies in his newly remodeled man cave with his mini me, Sebastian.

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