Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Vince!

Happy Birthday to my little ray of sunshine. We have had a very fun and busy year. Lots of firsts and new discoveries. Here we celebrate Halloween- Buzz Lightyear. 
The wheels in your head are always turning. Handy Vince to the rescue of a "broken" vacuum!
Your First Steps! 1st Saturday in December at Aunt Sherri's Salon after the Christmas Parade. Since then you have been non stop!
Still my little daredevil.
I love your little dude personality. For the most part you just go with the flow:)
But we do get those moments...
Water and you are still best friends. I do not have pictures of us in the pool from this year, because we are never just by the pool- my brave soul, you jump clear off the edge of the pool and fully submerge your head under water- all while laughing hysterically! 

And that funny bone of yours has kept growing right along side you;)
Your first hair cut
You went down the big slide before your big brother!
Loving life
Loving your spaghetti 
over the past month you have shown a love for books- which makes me very happy!
But your heart beats for choo-choo trains!
 You can lay down your tracks.
 and enjoy the ride.
Thank you for sharing with us your life! We are very blessed to call you our son! We look forward to all the new discoveries you will make this year. Though you keep getting bigger, you will always be my baby...  so please don't grow up too fast!

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