Sunday, November 20, 2011


Earlier this week the boys went down for a late nap.  Since they went down late, they woke up late... after the sun had set. This did not sit well with Sebastian at all!
S: Mami but the sun is not up yet, it's not morning time.
M: I know son. But it is still the same day. It's time to wake up from your nap.
S: (adamantly) No Mami! It is still dark. It's not morning time!
M: You're right. It's afternoon time. You were taking a nap. It is the time of year when the sun goes down earlier.
I will spare you the rest of the conversation... It took a good 5-7 minutes to coax him out of bed.

Moral of the story- Make sure Sebastian is up from nap before the sun sets!

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