Thursday, August 16, 2012


June was a blur. My dad stayed with us for a week. During that week we also traveled to PA for Stephanie and Mark's wedding... while I was running around with the bride the boys were enjoying the trains. The 4 day trip ended with the amazing wedding of the year! Here are a few pics.

After that weekend Eddie said to me "Carmen, please do not make any new friends that are single." I laughed back and said "Honey I hang my gloves up with Cleatus, that type of dedication takes years to build, you have nothing to worry about!" 

We only had a couple of days to recover from the wedding before we went camping with our dear friends Amanda and Craig.

While we were camping I was getting calls and texts that my grandma was not well and getting worse. Then I got the call on Sunday morning, I needed to get to Atlanta. Like a cyclone Eddie and I packed our site. Our friends took care of the rest. I made it home to shower the boys and I and throw together another suitcase. By 2pm that afternoon the boys and I were on the road to Atlanta. We drove straight through and the boys were AMAZING!!!! Pulling up to the hospital at 11:15pm that night. I was able to say goodbye to my dear sweet abuela. The example of love, dedication, patience, education, decorum, and service she set will live on in the many lives she touched. 

After a week in Atlanta we returned home... it was now the end of June and our best-friends were leaving for 7 weeks and we had one day to see them!

There were some bad storms, bad damage in the are. Lost power for a day but were able to find refuge at Mom-mom and Pop-pop's.  And this is the Cliff's Notes to our month of June.

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