Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Vince!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little guy! You have been such a joy in our hearts these past three years:) You came rushing into this world and straight into my arms, and I just want to hold you there for as long as possible! You are my baby, and I think you know this and use it to your advantage! 

Your love for trains has only grown exponentially! To your love of playing with trains and imitating their sounds, you have now added the joy of watching their documentaries. We have a file on the DVR just for you and your Steamies and Locomotives.

Trains are your favorite, but you can spread the love to other things with wheels!

Riding Thomas the Train!!!!!

You have been blessed with an easy going spirit, most of the time;)  And the daredevil streak! You take life by the reigns!

You have a smile that melts my heart, and a twinkle in your eye that shows the wheels in your head turning!

In the past year you have grown so much! Though you are my baby, you daily prove to me that you are a big boy and that you want to help! You love to help around the house and have your own daily chores. You even help your brother out with his!!

Mami's school time with you is one of your favorite times. You are very focused and determined at whatever task is placed before you! 

You especially love it when we take field trips! 

The love that you and your brother share truly is special to watch! The daily confessions of how much you guys love each other and like each other melt me on the spot. How you guys make each other laugh lift my soul daily! 

You are also forging these special bonds with your cousins and your friends, memories that will last both you and I a lifetime!

Please don't grow up to fast! I also ask you to have a little patience with your mami, if at times she holds on a little tighter than you would like her to.  These days are passing too quickly and I am just trying to savor them as much as possible! I love you very much! I look forward to all the new and exciting discoveries you will make this year.

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