Monday, March 23, 2009

In awe of God!!!

As some of you might now, I am a charter- it is the only way for us because of how crazy my body is! It is because of this charting (while I did not read the signs of fertility very well this last time around) that I was able to catch the pregnancy as quickly as I did (only 7 days after conception) and get to the Doctor's to get the oh so important progesterone (a necessity for me to be able to keep the pregnancy- my body does not produce enough of this on it's own so I have to take a supplement for the first 13 weeks of pregnancy).

Enough on the background- on to why I am in AWE of my Lord! So on 3-13 my Dr. had me come in to do an ultrasound (once again the crazy body thing ruins the Dr's nice way of telling you by the first day of your last period- how far along you are) this is a new Dr. for me (we changed providers) and I do not think he understood who he was dealing with;) (I told him when conception occurred)We go for the ultrasound and all the Dr. saw was the gestational sac. He is a little concerned and I remind him again when conception was and he realizes that I was probably only 5.5 weeks pregnant, too early to see baby let alone a heartbeat.

This past Friday we went back for our second ultrasound... and there was baby- all 7mm of baby, the yoke sac, and heartbeat!!! It is amazing!!! The difference a week makes!!! The miracle of life:) In 2 weeks the Dr. wants to do another ultrasound... hey another chance to see baby- I'm all for it:)

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