Monday, March 23, 2009

Swimming Lessons have Started!

On Saturday, Sebastian, had his first swimming lesson:) He did a great job!! The class is geared to babies' age 6 months to 3 yrs. The majority of the class is 15-18 months old with a couple on either end of the spectrum. He had a great time in the water and by the end of the first lesson was lying on his back, head in water, and I was towing him "backwards" around the pool:) Next Saturday will be daddy's turn to go in the pool with him:) I have not uploaded pics- to follow.


  1. That's so funny. I was just thinking about signing Bennett up for one today, but I didn't want to accompany her in a bathing suit when I am 6 months pregnant. Do you have to go into the water with him?

  2. At this age group a parent is required to go into the water with child:) but seriously- you do not look preggo (going by the zoo pic) and it is so much fun- I really do think that Bennett would LOVE it!!!