Thursday, May 21, 2009

And He Walks!!!

For the past Three months Sebastian has been walking around with the aid of a finger, a hand, or one of his many push toys. He had taken a couple of steps on his own, but still needed security. When Eddie and I tried to stand him up to coax him to walk, he would make his legs jello and laugh at us:)

Well, yesterday Sebastian and I were outside walking(my finger in hand), when I notice Napoleon on the couch- I slip my finger out of his hand to get closer to the window to get the dog off. He held his balance during this, and when I returned I got just close enough and then asked him to walk to me. He hesitated for a second and than took a couple of steps- that was the light switch- cause he then walked to me, beside me, and past me. After a couple of minutes I swept him up in my arms with kisses and praises and ran in to get the video camera. We had just gotten back outside recording when Eddie pulled up. Here are some videos for your enjoyment:)

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  1. HOORAY, SEBASTIAN!!!! We are so proud of you!!