Wednesday, May 6, 2009

News Update with Carmen Todd

13 weeks and counting!!! Done with the progesterone :)!!! Life is good!!! I had my 12 week appointment last week and all is well. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat- 150 beats/minute. On Monday May 11th we will officially enter the 2nd trimester and that will be the starting point of the Belly Diary: the 2nd edition.

Sebastian is such an amazing joy!!! He comes out with new words out of the blue- use them once or twice and the retire them. The 2 newest words being milk and cracker. He is enjoying his swim lessons a lot- well I don't know if it is the swim lessons as much as he has such a crush on his swim instructor- he does not take his eyes off of her!!! This past Saturday he even made friends with the noodle and Eddie was able to wrap it around him and swish him about the pool:) Mami sat on the sidelines so proud:)

I got my Mother's Day present a week early- a dishwasher!!!! For those who do not know- we live in a house built in 1952... a dishwasher was never installed... I had the joy of doing anywhere from 2-4 loads of dishes a day. With baby #2 on the way I saw the dishes stacking up at a faster rate than I could ever keep up with, so I requested a dishwasher for Mother's Day. We went and got it last Saturday and Eddie has been working hard in converting our non-dishwasher kitchen into one. He is almost there!!! I cannot wait to run my first load of dishes:)!!!! I have such an amazing husband!!!!

For your enjoyment- Sebastian practicing with his spoon. I promise food did get in his mouth!

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  1. I didn't know that you had to take progesterone. I had to take three pills a day plus a shot every day with both pregnancies. No fun!! But at least you get to stop after the first trimester. Congrats on the new dishwasher. AND Sebastian using his utensils. We never give Benentt utensils unless we know that a bath is right after dinner. :-)