Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Explorer

Sebastian has let his little explorer out!!! He is into everything!!! His sidekick is his trusty pal Napoleon... they like discovering together:)
See, that's where I am going to go!

New Textures

Out on expedition

Kids and there fascination with the crate... I should do a blog of pics of all the kids I have who willingly put themselves in the crate

Swim class pics

Monday, March 23, 2009

In awe of God!!!

As some of you might now, I am a charter- it is the only way for us because of how crazy my body is! It is because of this charting (while I did not read the signs of fertility very well this last time around) that I was able to catch the pregnancy as quickly as I did (only 7 days after conception) and get to the Doctor's to get the oh so important progesterone (a necessity for me to be able to keep the pregnancy- my body does not produce enough of this on it's own so I have to take a supplement for the first 13 weeks of pregnancy).

Enough on the background- on to why I am in AWE of my Lord! So on 3-13 my Dr. had me come in to do an ultrasound (once again the crazy body thing ruins the Dr's nice way of telling you by the first day of your last period- how far along you are) this is a new Dr. for me (we changed providers) and I do not think he understood who he was dealing with;) (I told him when conception occurred)We go for the ultrasound and all the Dr. saw was the gestational sac. He is a little concerned and I remind him again when conception was and he realizes that I was probably only 5.5 weeks pregnant, too early to see baby let alone a heartbeat.

This past Friday we went back for our second ultrasound... and there was baby- all 7mm of baby, the yoke sac, and heartbeat!!! It is amazing!!! The difference a week makes!!! The miracle of life:) In 2 weeks the Dr. wants to do another ultrasound... hey another chance to see baby- I'm all for it:)

Swimming Lessons have Started!

On Saturday, Sebastian, had his first swimming lesson:) He did a great job!! The class is geared to babies' age 6 months to 3 yrs. The majority of the class is 15-18 months old with a couple on either end of the spectrum. He had a great time in the water and by the end of the first lesson was lying on his back, head in water, and I was towing him "backwards" around the pool:) Next Saturday will be daddy's turn to go in the pool with him:) I have not uploaded pics- to follow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever

Crazy weather!!! On Monday we had our biggest snow storm this season... by Sunday we were in the low 80's!!!! Sebastian took this opportunity to wear some of his new outfits:) and go to the park for the first time:) He was not a fan of the slide- but LOVED the swing!

Crawling and Walking all at once!!!

Sebastian has been much interested in crawling... it just wasn't for him. He was much more interested in walking, while holding your hands, in his walker, ect... Well, he has updated- on Friday Feb 27th he took 8 steps from Aunt Nancy to me:) since then he has been cruising along furniture, with his lion push walker, taking more independent steps from a stationary place to a person or between two people!! He is all over the place. Along side this new found upright mobility- he has decided that crawling is okay and you can find him crawling (though this is still a secondary choice to walking)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Announcement

Sebastian's birthday party was this past weekend (the professional photographer has not delivered the pics from the event- as soon as she does I will post). We took the opportunity that we had all the grandparents and the majority of our siblings, and announced the soon arrival of our next bundle of joy:) I can not take full credit- my friend Lauren did something very similar and I just tweaked it for our opportunity :)