Monday, June 28, 2010

May/June Milestones

1) is using the big boy potty!!! I had not planned on starting this till after all the mayhem of June, but he had other plans. He started before the CR family arrived and seeing Eli do it only further solidified it!
2) is talking up a storm!!! (This he gets from me) With this comes a view into his thoughts and imagination!! The boy has quite an imagination:) And his thoughts can be best summed up with the following observation made in a car ride "Mami truck with trailer pull the tractor".
3) can count up to 12 by himself and with help can get to 20.
4) can sing the ABC's, Wheels on the Bus, Wheels on the tractor (our creation), Twinkle, Twinkle, and Los Pollitos.
5) has gone to the movie theatres.

1) as seen in earlier post, cracks himself up to tears!
2) "crawls" on his back. I use the term "crawl" loosely. Following in his brother's footsteps- he really has no desire to be mobile on his own. But when placed on his back on the bed, and only on the bed, he can move in the direction of his head. I learned this the bad way. Being used to him staying in the same area, I placed him in the middle bed and then had to tend to Sebastian. When he starts crying. When I turn to try to quiet him he is not on the bed, but on the floor on his stomach! Needless to say, if he is put on the bed, an adult is in arm's reach from now on!
3) can pick up puffs and teething biscuits and place in his mouth. He really enjoys the later. I store them in the freezer, which feels extra nice on his gums.
4) has been swimming in the pool! He LOVES it!! Went straight in with out a hesitation, the expression on his face never turned sour!
5) slept in a hotel.

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