Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sad Hearts

We have been in a bit of a slump. Our dear friends, the ones that have graced the posts of this blog with their smiles- are spending the summer in Massachusetts. They left before Memorial Day. How do you explain the absence of people who are regulars in your 2 year old's life. Sebastian has really started to show how much he misses "Gabiyell". He has woken up insisting we go and see them. I explain to him that they are in Massachusetts, whatever that's worth. We go and run our errands, visiting some of the locations we would visit together (out of necessity like diapers)and he gets excited thinking he is going to see them. It breaks my heart, for I am missing my friend and so is Sebastian!! We were supposed to have some aid in filling the void with the arrival of my brother and his family... But alas Sebastian and Eddie have been sick and our fun activities planned for this week have been postponed.
Enjoying a warm day in April

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