Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Karaoke Reception

Ramon and Kyla's wedding was beautiful! Thank God it went smoothly and the weather held up!! We all had a blast at the karaoke reception:) Below is the link to the performance of the day. Eddie, a big Van Halen fan, states that it is almost a carbon copy of the choreography of the music video- and he would know!! I took more video than anything so i have very few pics to share of the great day. Sit back and enjoy:)

Visiting My 1st Music Teacher

On our way to Blacksburg we stopped and had dinner with our (siblings and I) first music teacher- piano. Ramon found her while he was at Tech. Raf and I had not seen her in 18 years. It was such a special evening... the woman who so touched our lives with her gift of music! Below is a video of Ramon playing on the very piano we took lessons on two decades ago accompanied by Sebastian on "drums".

Kings Dominion

Here are the Pics of our perfect day in KD with the family:)
For those who grew up in the area- the Scooby Doo stuff has been replaced with Snoopy! Here the kids meet Charlie Brown Tio Rafa told Sebi that this was his twin!!
Vince's fav teether- the belly bar!
Primos enjoy a cookie while the big kids ride the former italian job
tickle, tickle
pretty ceci
pretty pink sugar
have i mentioned how much I LOVE my stroller!!!!
who's driving?
we are!
fun with cars!
the mini bezerker
sebi loves eli and misses him sooo much!!!
girls watch out!
pooped out at the end of the day

Sebastian the Scholar

Monday, June 28, 2010

May/June Milestones

1) is using the big boy potty!!! I had not planned on starting this till after all the mayhem of June, but he had other plans. He started before the CR family arrived and seeing Eli do it only further solidified it!
2) is talking up a storm!!! (This he gets from me) With this comes a view into his thoughts and imagination!! The boy has quite an imagination:) And his thoughts can be best summed up with the following observation made in a car ride "Mami truck with trailer pull the tractor".
3) can count up to 12 by himself and with help can get to 20.
4) can sing the ABC's, Wheels on the Bus, Wheels on the tractor (our creation), Twinkle, Twinkle, and Los Pollitos.
5) has gone to the movie theatres.

1) as seen in earlier post, cracks himself up to tears!
2) "crawls" on his back. I use the term "crawl" loosely. Following in his brother's footsteps- he really has no desire to be mobile on his own. But when placed on his back on the bed, and only on the bed, he can move in the direction of his head. I learned this the bad way. Being used to him staying in the same area, I placed him in the middle bed and then had to tend to Sebastian. When he starts crying. When I turn to try to quiet him he is not on the bed, but on the floor on his stomach! Needless to say, if he is put on the bed, an adult is in arm's reach from now on!
3) can pick up puffs and teething biscuits and place in his mouth. He really enjoys the later. I store them in the freezer, which feels extra nice on his gums.
4) has been swimming in the pool! He LOVES it!! Went straight in with out a hesitation, the expression on his face never turned sour!
5) slept in a hotel.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend with Just Kids

Rafa and Chelsea took a weekend trip to visit with friends in the Big Apple so we were on babysitting duty. We spent the weekend at my mom's where we took walks, went to the park, watched movies, and just had fun. Here are some pics of one of our walks/park trips

Coming Soon

With out of town family I have not had time to update- but don't fret a slew of post will be headed your way next week!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Archives were opened and I remembered this video.

Weekend Visit Videos

As fore mentioned, Rafa, Chelsea, and kids are in town. They were supposed to be here all week, but due to my boys being sick are back at Guitas house. We did get a "quick" visit from them over the weekend. Here are some videos of the fun we were having.

Let me preface by saying that we introduced the Wii fit flying chicken game to my mom awhile back- and she was hooked! So whenever possible she wants to play...hence the videos. BTW pay attention to Vince at the start of rafa chicken.

Saturday evening was a quiet but busy evening for Chelsea and I who where left with the boys. This moment was too priceless and needed to be documented.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sad Hearts

We have been in a bit of a slump. Our dear friends, the ones that have graced the posts of this blog with their smiles- are spending the summer in Massachusetts. They left before Memorial Day. How do you explain the absence of people who are regulars in your 2 year old's life. Sebastian has really started to show how much he misses "Gabiyell". He has woken up insisting we go and see them. I explain to him that they are in Massachusetts, whatever that's worth. We go and run our errands, visiting some of the locations we would visit together (out of necessity like diapers)and he gets excited thinking he is going to see them. It breaks my heart, for I am missing my friend and so is Sebastian!! We were supposed to have some aid in filling the void with the arrival of my brother and his family... But alas Sebastian and Eddie have been sick and our fun activities planned for this week have been postponed.
Enjoying a warm day in April