Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy Sebastian

Scene. 8pm in the house. Boys are "watching" Nick Jr in our room- their pre bed ritual. Eddie and I are watching the Science channel- Dinosaurs. All is good. My mami radar goes off.
"Sebastian, what are you doing?"
I hear him jump and chuckle. Not a good sign. I get up to investigste and make it halfway down the hall when I see dark wine on his leg and smell the tall tell sign of nail polish. OH NO! He climbed up on to my dresser and took my nail polish bottle! This was placed ontop of my tall jewelry box.
"Eddie, come here now!" as I run for my camera. Yes I am upset but am having to hold back laughter at the sight of this proud boy- he has painted his toe nails. I must document.
It is not until I enter my room and see that he not only got into my nail polish, he has dumped out everything from my jewelry box! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!
Just breath!
Snap some shots and proceed in making sure not an item is missing from the mound of jewelry. On to bathing Sebastian in acetone to remove polish from toes, hands, legs and belly.
in mid jump- see how proud he is?
 in this angle you can see a little of his hands, did not notice hands till I start removing it!
 close up of toes.

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