Friday, September 2, 2011


The last week of August provided a very geologically busy week for us. Starting the week with an earthquake. Yes I understand that in the grand scheme of earthquakes it was nothing big, but we are not supposed to have earthquakes. We are on the east coast. No mental preparedness for such things. I was in the backyard, the boys were in the house napping. This mama did not like the feeling of being separated from my boys... We were only 39 miles from the epicenter. I thank God we have a strong house. Our earthquake damage consisted of a fallen clock and a handful of wall mounted pictures gone crooked.

Then we had a couple of days rest when we got a double whammy. Sever thunder storms that took our power on Thursday night followed by Hurricane Irene. Once again I am very thankful that the effects of Irene were minimal and that Gods protection and provision were over us... but my nerves had not totally recovered from the "quake". On Saturday, after we hunkered down the fort, we went to Aunt Kimmie's and Uncle Bill's. Our house does not have a basement... tornadoes had been spawned with this storm. Our house lost power at 1pm on Saturday.  We were gone:) At our storm refuge, we lost power at 10pm. Thank God for generators:) Pretty early on Sunday the power returned. So we packed up and headed back home only to find that our house was still powerless. That's alright. We had good weather and a generator. We remained powerless till Monday mid afternoon.

As for my picture taking during the storm, sadly the brunt of it happened when it was dark. Here are some cute pictures of kids with DS's in hand being quiet. This was Sebastian's first time playing  a video game. I am not ready for that!

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