Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A new description of how much of a song or story Sebastian will share with you. Case in point, yesterday he turns to me and said
S: "Mami I will share one of mine and Turner's secrets." (Turner is his cousin. He had just spent several hours with him and when asked what they did he said he couldn't tell me cause it was their secret.)
M:"Ok bud. What's your secret?" I am really curious.
S:"I am only going to tell you the medium of it not the whole of it."
I struggled to keep a straight face.
Later in the day he was singing a song I had not heard before.
M:"Sebastian, can you sing that song again."
S:"No Mami, you can sing it for me."
M:" I don't know that song. Please can you sing it for me?"
S:"Okay Mami, but I will only sing the medium of it"

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