Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's in a Name?

Vince is repeating everything! His language skills are really taking off! For the most part I can make out what he is saying.  For a week or so we was saying "kamai" and directly to/at me. I thought that he had heard my name in use and was calling me by my name... which will not float in our house. So every time he said "kamai, choo choo train" or "kamai, baby" etc. I would lovingly correct him and say "Mami, choo choo train" or "Mami, baby."  It wasn't till one morning when the boys were watching Praise Baby while I was making breakfast and Sebastian kept shout out in joy "Look Mami a butterfly",  "Look Mami a cow", etc and Vince would repeat it as "kamai, butterly" or "kamai, cow" that it dawned on me... Vince has never said Mami he says Mai. Ka is look.  Kamai = look Mami

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