Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Vince likes to be in the buff. Please to not worry that he was cold cause the house was toasty warm.

What's in a Name?

Vince is repeating everything! His language skills are really taking off! For the most part I can make out what he is saying.  For a week or so we was saying "kamai" and directly to/at me. I thought that he had heard my name in use and was calling me by my name... which will not float in our house. So every time he said "kamai, choo choo train" or "kamai, baby" etc. I would lovingly correct him and say "Mami, choo choo train" or "Mami, baby."  It wasn't till one morning when the boys were watching Praise Baby while I was making breakfast and Sebastian kept shout out in joy "Look Mami a butterfly",  "Look Mami a cow", etc and Vince would repeat it as "kamai, butterly" or "kamai, cow" that it dawned on me... Vince has never said Mami he says Mai. Ka is look.  Kamai = look Mami

Pot o' Gold

Chocolate gold that is. The boys were super excited by the treat the leprechaun left.


The month of March has seen the most extreme weather for us.  The one that I am still floored by is this, Here we are on the 5th sledding in our winter wonderland. All bundled up. 

9 days later we have jumped right into summer with temps in the 80's and our winter wonderland has converted into our splash oasis.


A new description of how much of a song or story Sebastian will share with you. Case in point, yesterday he turns to me and said
S: "Mami I will share one of mine and Turner's secrets." (Turner is his cousin. He had just spent several hours with him and when asked what they did he said he couldn't tell me cause it was their secret.)
M:"Ok bud. What's your secret?" I am really curious.
S:"I am only going to tell you the medium of it not the whole of it."
I struggled to keep a straight face.
Later in the day he was singing a song I had not heard before.
M:"Sebastian, can you sing that song again."
S:"No Mami, you can sing it for me."
M:" I don't know that song. Please can you sing it for me?"
S:"Okay Mami, but I will only sing the medium of it"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pop-pop's Birthday Present

We were overdue a new group photo!

Daddy's Train

This is Eddie's train set from he was a young lad. All three boys have had some great quality time playing together:)  This monstrosity has no invaded my space and calls half of my area his... oh well! 

Spring School Picture

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dentist!

Yes I am that mom! I document as much as possible! My kids grow up too fast!!!
At Sebastian's 4 yr check up our pediatrician said that Sebastian was ready to go to the dentist! I called to make the appointment expecting a 2 month wait- but they had an opening the next day. Sebastian was amazing! He followed directions and was not nervous or afraid! My big boy!!! We are so proud of you!!!!