Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sebastian's first trip to Amish Country

Over the weekend, Sebastian had his first out of town trip with the Hooch-Haches. We picked up Tia Erin on Saturday morning and headed up to Lancaster. With all the outlets, we just HAD to do some shopping:) So, Sebastian got his Christmas clothes and PJ's and some other comfy winter clothes. I also found his Halloween costume for next year... I know what you are thinking, but I could not pass up this deal!!! Sebastian will be Mickey Mouse:) After shopping we went to dinner at El Serranos- excellent Peruvian cuisine!!! The evening was wrapped up watching a movie and with Tia Stephanie knitting Sebastian a hat,attempt #1. Turned out too big so she knocked it out in a couple of hours on Sunday morning. Of course no trip to Lancaster would be complete without going Undercover Amish. This is were we get in the car and drive around in pursuit of the Amish with Starbucks in hand. After that we gassed up and headed home.

Sebastian and the Girls

Reading time

A sneak peak to next year. The ears will stand up better since his head will fill out better....

Modeling the hat to mark where the ear flaps should go

All tuckered out and ready to go home and see daddy

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  1. Seriously, Carmen- you have the cutest little boy. I cannot get over how adorable he is.